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018 - Kloves

Krystle Brieger, a.k.a “Kloves”, is a Canadian techno producer, currently working from Vancouver, BC. Although born and raised in Calgary, AB, Kloves heritage is a blend of Hungarian and Filipino decent, an ancestry she speaks to through the naming conventions of her tracks.

Kloves signature sound bring together lush hypnotic sounds that are both aphotic and inciting, work that connects people through a medley of symbiotic resonance.


1. Mystery Of Time (Original Mix) - VSK, Conrad Van Orton [Modularz]
2. Sense Of Alarm (Original Mix) - Gareth Wild [Planet Rhythm]
3. Transporter (Original Mix) - Petter B [Planet Rhythm]
4. Neoteric (Original Mix) - Slam [Soma Records]
5. Pain Is Here To Remind Us (Mix) - Brian F [Shaping Music]
6. Passage (Original Mix) - Reflec [Clergy]
7. Breathe (Original Mix) - Kloves [FLASH]
8. Craving Pt 2 (Original Mix) - Klaudia Gawlas [Credo]
9. Extrovert (Original Mix) - Petter B [BOND]
10. Fotosfera (Original Mix) - Oisel [PoleGroup]
11. Elevation (Original Mix) - Mendy [Planet Rhythm]
12. By Night Part Three (Original Mix) - Johannes Heil [Odd Even]
13. Obscure Cells (Original Mix) - Flug [FORMAT Records]
14. Fancy (Technolatino Swing) - Boriqua Tribez [Different Is Different Records]

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