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JGarrett / Rennie Foster - Waterworks / Soda Cracker


JGarrett / Rennie Foster - Waterworks / Soda Cracker


The Detroit music community has outposts in nearly every major city, and Vancouver, British Columbia is no exception. This EP represents the connection of two such artists, Detroit native, Josh Garrett, who currently resides in Vancouver and runs the Subspec label, and Rennie Foster, a stalwart of the underground, who has spent a quarter of his life in Tokyo, but born in BC and now living back there, in Vancouver. Rennie has released on a myriad of Detroit labels, such as Transmat, Teknotika, Soiree, Subject Detroit, Wallshaker, and Motech. Josh and Rennie met in Vancouver, only since Rennie's recent return, and realizing they were of the same tribe, immediately began to collaborate on a number of projects, now including this limited run, double A-side, record, chalk full of DJ friendly techno trax, firmly rooted in the motor city sound, yet unique enough to be a contributor, not just another imitator. 

Side - A
Subspec step strong, right out the gate, with the label head's relentless, minimal funker from Josh Garrett's JGarrett project: "Waterworks". This no-nonsense, precise jacker is not for beginners and consists of banging drums and crazy analog synth bass, tweaked in a way that you haven't heard done before. It's impossible to compare it to something else, just don't sleep on it. The second offering, a remix of JGarrett's "Fuel Core Recovery", by Matrix Records boss and proper Detroit legend, Sean Deason, brings something a little deeper and more sophisticated to the table(s), perhaps, but no less powerful for the floor. An essential record for modern DJs who understand the timelessness of techno, not as a genre, but as an art form. Support from Truncate, DJ Deep, Gary Beck, DJ Stryke and a wide range of forward thinking DJs. 

The other Side - A
RF is Rennie Foster's new signature imprint, and Soda Cracker accurately illustrates the creative madness going on over there. A slo-mo, blues vocal loop drives this supreme DJ Tool, backed by an era-bending, tribal drum groove and floating organic pads, that may, or may not, be an organ. Basically a track that only Rennie would make, combining depth, humour, originality, and a whole lotta soul. The second cut is Rennie's track "Call The Sun", previously released on Detroit label, Soiree, but this appearing here as a fresh new remix by Chicago's Amir Alexander, the man behind Vanguard Sound and a gang of proper house records, the remix serves as a reminder that, wherever Detroit is, Chi-town is only a few hours away. Support from Alex Falk, Dave Angel, Rolando, Stacey Pullen, and some other DJs who know what time it is.

The label art for the Subspec side is refined and subtle, while the RF side boasts a character by celebrated BC graffiti legend, Ghost aka Hans Fear. Ghost passed away some years ago, but Rennie continues to represent his art, as he was an important artistic mentor to him. 

That is only one story contained in this record, and you can feel the authenticity in the music, hinting that there are several more. This is not just a record, but a physical piece of a real story, the story of the underground techno community that has grown strong and fierce under the direct guidance of the mother ship.

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